New offering of a print on canvass of the “Old Man” painting


Here is a possible new offering of a print on canvass of the “Old Man.” I painted it in oil on hardboard a few decades ago. I used well-known photos of Einstein for the creation. When I put it (the original) up for sale at a very significant price, it was snapped up immediately. Yet, I still have photos and will offer it to you as a 24″ x 16″ inkjet print on 100% durable cotton canvas. The canvass is wrapped around a quality wood frame. We have just sold one to an old friend. We just placed our first order of the reproduction to our printer, and we are waiting in anticipation to see the quality. If it turns good, it can be yours for the price above. Lead time after your order will be about weeks.

Don’t forget: any other works of art that I have created also are offered here as prints on canvass. In addition, you can purchase any of my works that are posted through . At Saatchi Art you can purchase prints on fine art paper, on photographic paper, and on canvass.

Contact John at

Thanks a million for visiting today…..the best…..John

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