I donated the two original Early American paintings to the Santa Geleske College on the Rose Bud Reservation in South Dakota. I used old historic photos to create all three.

Trail To The Grand Teton Mountain


This is one of the most beautiful locations in the world…on the trail to the Grand Teton Mountain…up Cascade Canyon. It is a hike that can wear you out no matter how good of shape you are in. There are breath-taking views in every direction. But beware of bear and moose lying in the shade beside the trail. This is one of two oil paintings I entered in one of three art shows from the time I was 7 years old until I was about 55 years old. In this particular show the other painting won first place, but the judge stated that either one could have won first place. He was particularly taken with my method of using all colors throughout the canvass, the contrast, repetition, and perspective, etc.

Old Man 2″


The “Old Man”…it is of the second oil painting I created using old photos of Einstein. It was for a friend’s son. The look in the eyes and the features in the face give you a different feeling than the first original “Old Man” painting.

“Fallen Daisies!” — Half Dozen Stone Flower Sculpture


“Fallen Daisies”   Alabaster, Mauve Soapstone, and Butterscotch Onyx on Gray Granite

with many, many gemstones of various kinds

Daisies, as beautiful as they are, grow old every year. They freeze and eventually fall to the ground. Four of these Daisies — like the Daisies of Nature — fell down, but on the floor of my studio! Yet rather than rotting, I thought, they remain beautiful and will most certainly last an entire lifetime.  The other two Daisy blossoms, as I was completing them, fell prey to my uncontrollable hands. So, in a sense, they fell also. When I began to throw them away I hesitated because they looked so beautiful. So, I laid them on this gray stone and thought they would look more beautiful with clusters of gemstone nuggets in their centers. And I created this artistic piece you see here. It by far is one of my favorites.

Happen-chance is the work of God — who as you know, through the work of Mother Nature, created these stones. Then I, with the mysterious suggestions of the Prime Creator of our immense infinite eternal Universe, created this Half Dozen Stone Flower Sculpture.

It is the beauty of failure!

……..4-3/8″ H x 8-1/2″” W x 5″ D