Half dozen stone flower sculptures

Half dozen stone flower sculptures

The featured half dozen was carved from Rose Quartz and the base is Snow White Quartz…both selected by the artist from Custer, South Dakota…some of the highest quality quartz in the World.

All offers will be seriously considered!

top 2 frt 5 6001  $299

frt 3 6002  $199

frt 4 6003  $189

frt 7 6004  $189

John Foster Art…….A new home

Welcome to the new home for johnfosterart.com.

This is a work in progress and will take some time. In the meantime you are welcome to email me and ask about the stone flower sculptures or other the works of art I’ve created. I can then email you photos of pieces in which you might have an interest. Thanks for visiting. I will be posting photos and information here as I can. The format of this site may change as I become familiar with what’s available. Here are some of the artistic works I’ve created recently and in the past.

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All offers will be seriously considered!

The stone flower sculptures are coated with crystal clear acrylic to protect from stains and to bring out the beautiful color of the natural stone. The stems and leaves are of steel an brass  and the entire compositions are securely held together with high-tech permanent glue and solder.

The stones were collected by the artist from various places and quarries ranging from Western Canada to Eastern Alabama. They are White Colorado Alabaster, Southeast Montana Green Soapstone, Western Canada Serpentine, Eastern Alabama White Marble, Western Canada Butterscotch Onyx, Custer South Dakota Rose Quartz and Snow-white Quartz, Classic Yellow and Pink Marble, and black-green Brucite…among others.

The gemstones were obtained from various places throughout the World. They include Quartz of various types, Emerald, Jade, Citrine, Peridot, Amethyst, Ruby, Amber, Opal, among others.

frt 4

alabaster bear 1 front jpg

navahoe 2 jpg


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To see stone flower paper weights, click here.

Stone flower paperweights

Stone flower paperweights

The following are stone flower paperweights carved under water using diamond tools, the stones collected by the artist from various places ranging from Western Canada to Eastern Alabama. All have been coated with crystal clear acrylic to protect from stains and to bring out the beautiful natural color of the stone.

1  #1……2-3/4″ Smokey Quartz with deposits

2  #2……2-1/2″ White Alabaster

33 side  #3……2-3-4″ Rose Quartz with peg

4  #4……2-3/4″ Rose Quartz

5  #5……3-1/2″ White Alabaster with brown stripe

6  #6……2-3/8″ Classic Pink Marble

7  #7……2-3/4″ Classic Yellow Marble

8  #8……2-1/2″ Classic Yellow Marble

9  #9……2-5/8″ Salmon Marble

10  #10……2-5/8″ Brucite

11  #11……3″ Light Mauve Alabaster

12  #12……3″ Green Alabaster

13  #13……2-5/8″ Mauve Soapstone

14  #14……3-3/4″ Brown Quartzite

15  #15……3-1/8″ Brucite

16  #16……2-3/4″ Black Marble

17  #17……3″ Black Marble

18  #18……3″ Black Marble

19  #19……2-7/8″ Blk Green Serpentine

20  #20……2-5/8″ White Alabaster

21  #21……3″ White Alabaster

22  #22……2-3/4″ Rose Quartz

23  #23……3″ Classic Pink Marble


Single blossom stone flower sculptures

Single stone flower sculptures

The photos below are of small single stone flower sculptures ranging from $37.50 to $45…plus shipping which normally is from $9 to $12.

blk m - blk gray m with misc b

blk serp - blk m with misc b

butter m - w al with carmelian & misc b

daisy br m - pk m with pk opal

daisy br m with misc - pk m b

gr beige m - gr w al with peridot citrine jade b

gr beige m - w al with y q

gr beige m = butter m with y q & citrine & tigers eye & peridot b

gr brucite - gr ss with jade & peridot b

gr brucite - gr ss with jade b

gr ss - gr ss b

y m - pk m with peridot

wh q - serp b

y m - butter onyx with y q & citrine & peridot b

The following singles include the same stones and gemstones, but are somewhat taller.

front  $50

frt 14 $50

frt $50

frt1005 $50

frt1007 $47

frt1009 $50

frt1012  $50

frt1017 $50

frt1018 $50

front 8 $50

Paintings, drawings and slideshow by John Foster, artist

Oil Paintings

Several paintings were created during the 1980s.

All offers will be seriously considered!

bronc w frame blk jpg $2,250

birth & death jpg $1,250

brooks lake wyo jpg $1,250

jessie jpg $799

navahoe 2 jpg $4,500

northwest tribal chief not available

old lady & bird 2 jpg $9,500

old man jpg not available

blending $1,950

meadow not available



toes gone south jpg Toes Gone South

See http://www.johnfosterufos.com for additional information.

2, Beth Grd Sch plygd, saucer hovering 15 ft above crowd

2, Beth Gr Sch plygd, saucer stops car on Cotner Blvd

6, Dillion Lk c.g, seeing my body from out of body

10, Max, NE, levitating 2000 ft up


A slide show with about 140 slides representing what John Foster and others witnessed during the enconters

The slideshow can be furnished on DVD or USB memory stick.

Example slides: Include statements concerning what, where and when.

slideshow 1 jpg

slideshow 29 jpg

slideshow 40 jpg

slideshow 18 jpg

slideshow 97 jpg

Larger sculpture by John Foster, artist

Most stone sculptures by John Foster were created with natural stone selected personally by the artist from various natural locations, quarries and outlets ranging from Western Canada to Eastern Alabama.

All offers will be seriously considered!

alabaster bear 1 front jpg  $3,500

alabaster bear 2 right.jpg jpg $2,500

rockin et left jpg  $499

front rt 2 $6,500

frt $4,300

front right jpg $6,500

stone face right jpg $300

frt $799