We are in the teton Mountains taking pictures of mnts & smoke

Being in one of the most beautiful places on earth is indescribable. However the wonderful picturesque mountains are smoky…with forest fire smoke from Canada, Montana and Idaho! Yet I am able to adjust with my photo program…which I will do when we get home.

Regardless, here are some photos:

Traveling to shoot photos for painting this winter – Staying at “The Trail’s End Motel”

Hi Guys,
This is one of the cleanest older motels we have seen. It has a traditional log construction and the rooms are small but very comfortable. The staff is extremely accommodating and kind. It would be a great home base from which to see the Teton Mountains and Yellowstone Park. And, as you know, there is fantastic back country here that is very unusual.

If you are coming this way stop by and say hello….and please pass the word!

From here we are traveling to “Wiggins Fork Creek” to take photos of the place where my friends and I saw UFO crafts fly up into violently boiling low hanging clouds, like in the movie “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind!”

This painting, of our daughter Kindra’s, is very close to “the spot” where we saw them. And I will do another this winter.

Headed for Brook’s Lake and Signal Mountain at the Teton Mountains today…where we saw other UFO craft during the summers of 1956 and 1957.

Will take lots of photos.

Stay tuned for other photos as we can take them……John & Annie