Sculpture of various medium

Multi-medium Sculptures by John Foster

The following sculptures were created from the early 1990s to the present. Some are stone and others are of a variety of mediums.

All works of art are available as prints on canvass and acrylic.

         Prints on canvass…$40 to $100

If interested in purchasing the original, please make an offer.


“Porcelain Bird Flying”

Prints on canvass…$40 to $100

The original sculpture with possible delivery by artist and his wife to any safe location within the Contiguous United States!

Created in the mid 1990s – see write up below:

The “Bird Flying” was the result of a vivid dream one morning in the mid 1990s. It was such a powerful dream, I got up out of bed and rushed to the studio/shop to start cutting different types of wood for the base. I plunged on, my creative instincts consuming my entire being. A few days later my cousin and his wife stopped by to see us. As I was still working in the studio, the door opened and my cousin’s wife walked in. She yelled, “Oh, that’s the most unusual, beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!” Right then, I knew I was on to something. During the next few years the sculptor blood within me poured out more bird sculptures, bears, human heads, humorous heads, abstract stone, and finally stone flower sculptures!

As it turned out, my wife and I loved it so much, we put it in the center of our living quarters. It’s been there for over twenty years now.

The bird flying is fired white porcelain. It’s feet are crafted with brass rod, foil wrapping, and aluminum webbing. It is held in flight over the Cat Tails with a sturdy steel rod that is inserted into the bird’s body. The bird can be pulled off of the rod for shipping. The bird normally is held to the rod with a small cross rod and a hole molded into the bird’s body. The small cross rod normally keeps the bird from twisting.

The supporting rod is simply slipped into the wooden base with a small cross rod on its bottom end. This allows the supporting rod to be pulled out for shipping.

The base was as much fun to create as the bird. I took lots of time figuring what types of wood to use. I especially considered the patterns of the wood grain and color. And I created a horizontal and vertical pattern that would be pleasing, as well as structurally sturdy. I used clamps in every direction to glue and screw the several wood pieces with permanent glue and a few screws. I then used my unique modeling senses to create the final form. I sprayed it with permanent semigloss coating to finish it off. As I was modeling the wooden base, the form reminded me of a mountain.

The Cat Tails were as much fun as the bird and base. I experimented with different materials until I settled on Aluminum leaves, brass stems and wooded tails, which I laminated and coated just like the base to give the sculpture a sense of harmony. It was especially fun doing the tails.

The small wooden/brass cat tails and the white acrylic and brass grass were more tedious in their placement. I tried different locations on the base, but finally settled on the locations where you see them now. It gives the entire sculpture an aire of continuity.

There is one thing you should know though. At first my wife and I placed the sculpture in a local art gallery. The owner loved it so much, she placed it in the center of her gallery. But she had a good sized dog who normally kept her company in the gallery. And she found he, her dog, also loved the “Bird Flying” sculpture so much, he took his naps by it…every day…sometimes all day. He eventually found he loved it so much he laid his head upon the base as he slept. And this did damage to some of the white acrylic grass…which I have repaired…and will repair again if it ever is damaged again by a dog, a human being, or otherwise.

You need to know that, should you decide you love this “Bird Flying” as much as we do, we will dust it off, clean it, and repair anything we see. We will deliver it to you to any safe location you desire in the contiguous United States.

Please note the photo of the “Bird Flying” with my painting of “The Lady & The Bird” and one of my sculptures of a dozen stone flower Roses. They also are offered on this website. If you decide you would like to enjoy all three in your home or establishment, I will offer you a special lower price.

We wish you nothing but all the very best of everything, love, roses, paintings, and “Bird(s) Flying.”

         Prints on canvass…$40 to $100


“Mother Bear & Baby Cub No. 1”

If you like it, please make an offer!

With plaster pedestal

7-1/2″ H x 13-1/2″ D x 11-1/2″ W      …….      Pedestal:    13″ H x 16″ D x 16″ W

White Colorado Alabaster collected personally by the artist

alabaster bear 1 front jpg      SCULP1801

***Alabaster Bears Mother & Cub*** includes the plaster pedestal…both together weighing 70 lbs…the dimensions together 21″ H x 15″ W x 15″ D. They will be shipped separately in wooden crates.

Bears indelibly linked together for months after birth most always display conflict and love. They are humorous in their interaction displaying the mother’s responsibility and the cub’s completely carefree joy, as the cub discovers all small things that Mother Earth has to offer. If there is more than one cub, the playfulness is explosive like dynamite. I’ve seen it several times in the mountain wilderness.

I sculpted this pair from High quality Colorado white/pink Alabaster, which my wife and I personally selected with other white Alabaster from the quarry office in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The eyes of both the mother and cub were carved from green Jade.

The shape of the rough stone was perfect for carving with both the mother and cub attached. The darker areas are natural minerals that formed naturally when Mother Earth created the Alabaster. It would make a perfect gift and should last for more than an eon.

Art prints of the “Alabaster Bears Mother & Cub” also are available.

The best to all…..John

     Prints on canvass…$40 to $100


“Mother Bear & Baby Cub No. 2”

If you like it, please make an offer!

13″ H x 16-1/2″ D x 13-1/2″ W

It was made (carved) from pink/gray Alabaster. The stones and bears are loose. It is very heavy. Pick up at studio only, or I will personally deliver it to any safe location within 600 miles of Omaha, Nebraska.

alabaster bear 2 right.jpg jpg      SCULP1802

        Prints on canvass…$40 to $100


“Rock ‘N’ Rocks” or “Rocks of Ages.”

If you like it, please make an offer!

15-1/2″ H x 11″ D x 7″ W

It was created using a variety of Granite stones that were personally collected by the artist. The stones are held together with steel rods.


rockin et left jpg

Prints on canvass…$40 to $100


“Good Eats” or “This Lunch Is For The Birds”

If you like it, please make an offer!

20-3/4″ H x 9″ D x 19-1/2″ W

It was created using various types of hardwood, aluminum, brass, steel, and fired white porcelain clay…as well as a piece of fossilized coral.

frt     SCULP1804

         Prints on canvass…$40 to $100


“Two Birds Flying” or “Duality”

If you like it, please make an offer!

28″ H x 18″ D x 20-1/2″ W

Various types of hardwood, aluminum, brass, steel, and fired white porcelain clay.


“Two Birds Flying” – Multi-medium Sculpture was given birth after “Porcelain Bird Flying.”

“Two Birds Flying” can be call “Duality” also, as duality is responsible for the birth of the earth.

It gives me great pleasure to create birds and other representations of nature, not only the natural elements of of the earth (including humans and animals), but the nature within me, which I’m sure at this point in my life expands into the vast eternal universe.

The “Two Birds Flying” are created of fired white porcelain. The base is of multiple types of wood, the color and grain producing contrast and continuity. The flower blossom is of white acrylic and aluminum – the plant leaves aluminum and clear acrylic.

The birds’ flight is represented by two curved steel rods which are securely attached to the birds and base, in a similar fashion to “Porcelain Bird Flying.”

Again, I wish all the very best of everything…..John

         Prints on canvass…$40 to $100


“Happy White Marble Face

If you like it, please make an offer!

stone face right jpg      SCULPT1806

It was carved from a piece of White Alabama Marble personally collected by my wife and me. After starting to carve, I looked at it and saw that it was done, so I stopped carving.

         Prints on canvass…$40 to $100


“Mixed Emotions”


The original was carved from a piece of Cedar wood. A friend like it so much, I gave to her.

        prints on canvass and acrylic only...various sizes range from $40 to $100.


“He Who Laughs”


It was molded by the multiple hands of my children and me…from a chunk of Denver, Colorado garden mud. It since has given in to the trials of time.

           prints on canvass and acrylic….$40 to $100.


“Flower Garden Lamp No. 3”

23-3/4″ H x 7″ D x 5″ W

If you like it, please make an offer!

A truly captivating sight.


It was created from multiple types of stones and gemstones, some personally collected in Canada and the USA…and various other gemstones selected from sources around the world. The blossoms were hand carved under water using diamond tools. The leaves and stems were hand crafted from steel and brass. The entire table lamp sculpture is coated with crystal clear acrylic to protect from stains and to bring out the beautiful natural colors of the stones. It is presently being used by my wife and me.

         Prints on canvass…$40 to $100


“Flower Garden Lamp No. 4”

If you like it, please make an offer!

9.5 W x 35 H x 7.5 in

+ shipping or personal delivery –  Lamp shade not included.



A strikingly beautiful one-of-a-kind large natural stone-gemstone table lamp sculpture by artist/engineer John Foster – offered without the lamp shade!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own an original work of art that is so unique and beautiful you will never see another quite like it, and you most certainly will not want to let it go. The artistic complex technical concept was developed by the artist/sculptor over a period of several years. Its tedious creation took a great deal of time.

It was created from a variety of colorful stones that were selected (some personally by the artist) from various sites ranging from Western Canada to Eastern Alabama. It also was created from gemstones that were selected from various sources around the world.

The Rose, Daisy, and Impatient blossoms were carved by hand under water using diamond tools. The stems and leaves were hand-cut and formed from treated quality steel and brass … and the entire sculpture is held together with high-tech permanent fixative, solder, and standard brass lamp parts on which the stone flowers are attached. The entire composition is coated with crystal clear acrylic to protect from stains and to bring out the beautiful natural color of the stones.

The stone types are: white Colorado Alabaster, mauve Soapstone, brown Marble, green-black Serpentine, Classic Yellow Marble, Brucite, Premium Snow White Quartz & Rose Quartz, White Alabama Marble and Butterscotch Onyx.

The gemstones are: Red Ruby, green-gray Emerald, Pink Opal, green Peridot, Golden Citrine, Amethyst, Tigers Eye, yellow Jasper, and Clear quartz.

The complex stone base is Gabbro, a stone similar to Granite. The base is highlighted with large medium green Jade, light green Jade, blue-green Jade, and clear Quartz gemstones.

         Prints on canvass…$40 to $100