Sculpture of various medium

The following sculptures were created from the early 1990s to the present. Some are stone and others are of a variety of mediums.

All works of art are available as prints on canvass and acrylic.

All offers will be seriously considered! Please add cost for professional shipping…or my wife and I will deliver the piece at our cost, continental USA only (gas and motels if required). The latter being the safest method of shipping.

alabaster bear 1 front jpg  $3,500  Alabaster Bears – Mother & Cub.   It was made from a large piece of white Colorado Alabaster.

alabaster bear 2 right.jpg jpg $2,500  Alabaster Bears – Mother & Cub 2.    It was made (carved) from pink/gray Alabaster. Pick up at studio only, or I will personally deliver it at my cost.

rockin et left jpg  $499  Rock ‘N’ Rocks or “Rocks of Ages.” It was created using a variety of Granite types and steel rods.

frt $4,300  Good Eats.    It was created using various types of hardwood, aluminum, brass, steel, and fired white porcelain clay…as well as a piece of fossilized coral.

 $6,500  Duality Flying.    It was created using various types of hardwood, aluminum, brass, steel, clear and white acrylic, and fired white porcelain clay.

stone face right jpg $300 White Marble Happy Face.   It was carved from a piece of White Alabama Marble.

  Mixed Emotions – prints on canvass and acrylic only…various sizes range from $20 to $70.   The original was carved from a piece of Cedar wood.

  He Who Laughs – prints on canvass and acrylic only.   it was molded by the multiple hands of my children and I…from a chunk of Denver, Colorado garden mud. It since has given in to the trials of time.

   $1,250 Stone Flower Lamp No 3.     It was created from multiple types of stones and gemstones that I have collected from Canada, the USA, and various sources around the world. The blossoms were hand carved under water using diamond tools. The leaves and stems were hand crafted from steel and brass. The entire table lamp sculpture is coated with crystal clear acrylic to protect from stains and to bring out the beautiful natural colors of the stones. It is presently being used by my wife and me. …..Please make an offer!