Sculpture of various medium

The following sculptures were created from the early 1990s to the present. Some are stone and others are of a variety of mediums.

All works of art are available as prints on canvass and acrylic.

All offers will be seriously considered!

alabaster bear 1 front jpg  $3,500  Alabaster Bears – Mother & Cub

alabaster bear 2 right.jpg jpg $2,500  Alabaster Bears – Mother & Cub 2

rockin et left jpg  $499  Rock ‘N’ Rocks

frt $4,300  Good Eats

front right jpg $6,500  Duality Flying

stone face right jpg $300 White Marble Happy Face

  Mixed Emotions – prints on canvass and acrylic only

  He Who Laughs – prints on canvass and acrylic only

   $1,250 Stone Flower Lamp No 3