John Foster Art

  Welcome to!

You might be interested to know I have created art since my early childhood.

Art I believe is an expression of the deep feelings that speak to us silently as we openly allow the creation of our own lives…second by second, minute by minute, etc.

Mother Nature, the greatest offspring sculptor of God, is my most prolific teacher.

This website contains some of the artistic works that I have created recently and in the past.

If you see a creation that you believe you would like to purchase, we can send you additional photos before you decide.

Some artistic creations produced by most anyone are priceless. If you see one of John’s works that you would like to own, please make an offer.

Payments are through .   You pay to at PayPal with your standard credit card or your PayPal account. It is safe and costs you nothing if you chose to open a new PayPal account.    Buying though PayPal is a very secure transaction!

(Note: scroll to the bottom of this page – and back up to see the works of art posted.)


Consider that a Giclée (a print on canvass or acrylic) gives you the fulfillment and excitement of the original … but at a very low price!

Prices for prints on canvass or acrylic of John Foster’s work range from $40 to $150 — for sizes from 8″ x 10″ to 30″ x 45″.

Contact John at   for more information.


All purchases can be returned for a refund if you are not satisfied.

All offers will be seriously considered!

Please add cost for professional shipping…or my wife and I will deliver the more expensive works to many areas in the continental USA only (gas and motels if required). The latter being the safest method for shipping.


If you would rather purchase from an established well known dealer click on : for 1) additional works of art by John, 2) for fine art prints of his work, 3) a John Foster personal Bio, and 4) additional information. The prints at Saatchiart can be on fine art paper, photo paper, or canvass…in a variety of sizes. I am certain they would look fantastic in your home or business…for instance above your sofa. As a point of interest, simulated illustrations of prints above a sofa are offered on The simulations are available with each piece of John Foster’s art offered on Saatchiart.


Print on canvass – “Butterfly” – reproduction of oil painting by John – print size 8″ x 10″ ……$40 ……Other sizes available upon request.


If you like it, please make an offer!

One dozen Snow White Quartz Roses with class A Rose Quartz base…..If you like it, please make an offer!

Prints on canvass or acrylic are $40 to $150. 

Email John at

The stone flower sculptures are coated with crystal clear acrylic to protect from stains and to bring out the beautiful natural color of the stone. The stems and leaves are of steel an brass. The entire compositions are securely held together with high-tech permanent glue and solder.

The stones were collected by the artist from various places and quarries ranging from Western Canada to Eastern Alabama. They are White Colorado Alabaster, Southeast Montana Green Soapstone, Western Canada Serpentine, Eastern Alabama White Marble, Western Canada Butterscotch Onyx, Custer South Dakota Rose Quartz and Snow-white Quartz, Classic Yellow and Pink Marble, and black-green Brucite…among many others.

The gemstones were obtained from various places throughout the World. They include Quartz of various types, Emerald, Jade, Citrine, Peridot, Amethyst, Ruby, Amber, Opal, and others.



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