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“The Rock” … prints on canvass and acrylic only … $40 to $100


Stone Flower Sculptures

Stone Flower Paperweights

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A Giclée (or print on canvass or acrylic) gives you the excitement of an original drawing or oil painting at a very low price!

Contact John at    and make an offer!

Bears – Mother & Cub …white Colorado Alabaster …. $1,995 (pick up at studio) …..  Prints on canvass vary from $40 to $100.

Contact John at

Welcome to

I have created art since I was in my early childhood.

Art I believe is an expression of the deep feelings that speak to us silently as we allow the creation of our own lives, second by second, minute by minute, etc. Mother Nature, the greatest offspring sculptor of God, is my most prolific teacher.

This website contains some of the artistic works that I have created recently and in the past.

If you see a creation that you believe you would like to purchase, we can send you additional photos before you decide.

Single blossom Small Stone Flower Sculpture – Rose Quartz on Classic Pink Marble with generous sprinkling of Pink Opal gemstones – 5″ H x 4″ W x 2-1/2″ D  …………    No longer available except as prints on canvass or acrylic!


Click on to for 1) additional works of art by John, 2) for fine art prints of his work, 3) a John Foster personal Bio, and 4) additional information. The prints can be on fine art paper, photo paper, or canvass…in a variety of sizes. I am certain they would look fantastic in your business or house, for instance above your sofa. Simulated illustrations of prints above a sofa are offered on The simulations are available with each piece of John Foster’s art.

You also can buy art from the artist John Foster here…via PayPal, or through your credit card via PayPal (even if you are not a member), or directly at the studio…

This includes prints on canvass of any of his works…in selective sizes. Simply notify us of the size you prefer and we will adjust the piece to fit the canvass.

John’s email:

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Stone flower paperweights

Stone flower paperweights

The following are stone flower paperweights carved under water using diamond tools, the stones collected by the artist from various places ranging from Western Canada to Eastern Alabama. All have been coated with crystal clear acrylic to protect from stains and to bring out the beautiful natural color of the stone. There is a higher cost for the larger paperweights and those carved from Quartz and the more rare stones. Email John at

1  #1……2-3/4″ Smokey Quartz with deposits – $43

2  #2……2-1/2″ White Alabaster – $39    No longer available

33 side  #3……2-3-4″ Rose Quartz with peg – $49

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Single blossom stone flower sculptures

Single stone flower sculptures

The photos immediately below are of small single stone flower sculptures. Larger singles are further down the page.

Singles stand out beautifully on a coffee table, end table, or in your curio cabinet.

Most of these have been sold. However, if you see a piece you like and would like to purchase, email John at He can create a special custom for you. You don’t pay until you approve photos via email….and you always return an item within a week if you find it doesn’t work for you.

All works created by John Foster are offered as prints on acrylic or canvass. Prices range from $40 to $100.

Contact John at

blk m - blk gray m with misc b       SS18102

6-1/4″ H – $39 ……black/gray Granite on gray black Granite with old green broken Sea Glass, white Jade and clear Quartz gemstones, as well as Jasper gemstone nuggets


blk serp - blk m with misc b     Sold      6-1/2″ H – $43 ……black Serpentine on black/gray Granite with a scattering of various kinds of gemstone nuggets  No longer available

butter m - w al with carmelian & misc b  Sold     7″ H –  …….butterscotch Marble on white/gray Alabaster with an orange Quartz gemstone and a scattering of gemstone nuggets

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