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“The Rock” … prints on canvass and acrylic only … $40 to $100


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A Giclée (or print on canvass or acrylic) gives you the excitement of an original drawing or oil painting at a very low price!

Contact John at    and make an offer!

Bears – Mother & Cub …white Colorado Alabaster …. Prints on canvass vary from $40 to $100.

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Welcome to

I have created art since I was in my early childhood.

Art I believe is an expression of the deep feelings that speak to us silently as we allow the creation of our own lives, second by second, minute by minute, etc. Mother Nature, the greatest offspring sculptor of God, is my most prolific teacher.

This website contains some of the artistic works that I have created recently and in the past.

If you see a creation that you believe you would like to purchase, we can send you additional photos before you decide.



Click on to for 1) additional works of art by John, 2) for fine art prints of his work, 3) a John Foster personal Bio, and 4) additional information. The prints can be on fine art paper, photo paper, or canvass…in a variety of sizes. I am certain they would look fantastic in your business or house, for instance above your sofa. Simulated illustrations of prints above a sofa are offered on The simulations are available with each piece of John Foster’s art.

You also can buy art from the artist John Foster here…via PayPal, or through your credit card via PayPal (even if you are not a member), or directly at the studio…

This includes prints on canvass of any of his works…in selective sizes. Simply notify us of the size you prefer and we will adjust the piece to fit the canvass.

John’s email:

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See new stone flower paperweights – created in time for Christmas!

Four new paperweights or curios for your display cabinet!

See details at


Green Quartz Rose Blossom Stone Flower Sculpture Paperweight………..make an offer!

2.6 W x 2.6 H x 1.6 in


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Stone Flower Sculpture – Dozen Roses – Opal Jade Quartz Gemstones Sculpture

PRICE REDUCED —  $997   17″ H x 10″ W x 8″ D   Prints on canvass…$40 to $100

Another of my wife’s favorites…it truly is a strikingly beautiful original stone/metal sculpture that, at first glance, can take your breath away!

The blossoms are crafted from Pink Opal gemstones, famous White Eastern Alabama Marble, White and yellow South Dakota Quartz, and Classic Yellow Marble, Black Marble, and Mauve Marble from Western Canada.

The base is a wonderful brown speckled Granite River Rock that is highlighted with large gemstones of Light Green Jade, Medium Green Jade, Rough Pink Opal, Yellow Quartz, and Orange Quartz.

The hand crafted leaves and stems are Brass and Steel. The entire composition is held together with high-tech permanent glue and is coated with Crystal Clear Acrylic to protect from stains and to bring out the beautiful natural colors of the stones.

Rubberized plastic feet are provided on the bottom to protect your furniture. And the sculpture is signed on the bottom with the date of creation.

It truly is one of a kind and would make a wonderful gift to yourself or a loved one. If you truly are interested, please make an offer.

Another Yellow Rose Of Texas!

5 W x 9.3 H x 5 in         Sold!   Prints on canvass…$40 to $100

Bring the excitement of eternal beauty into your life today with this one-of-a-kind creation of God and man. At first glance it can take your breath away.

The blossom is Classic Yellow Marble from Western Canada. The base is Amethyst from Custer, South Dakota. Both were personally collected by the artist/sculptor. The Tigers Eye, Ruby, Citrine, and Peridot gemstones are from various places around the World. The leaves and stems are hand formed brass and steel.

Rubber feet are provided on the bottom to protect your furniture. It is held together by high-tech permanent glue and should last an entire lifetime.

This is your chance to own a completely unique piece of fine art. There are no other creations like it.

If you are from Texas, it could be your “Yellow Rose Of Texas!”

Just gazing at it gives you the feeling of eternal peace.

A timeless creation in color and form – one dozen stone flower roses


frt 1  SS181202

***Dozen Muli-Colored Rose Stone Sculpture***     Sold!

This wonderful creation from Mother Nature is a member of “The Rock ‘N’ Roses Collection,” a variety of stone flower sculptures that have been created from various types of stones that were collected by the artist John Foster. They were collected from a variety of quarries and places ranging from Western Canada to Eastern Alabama.    Continue reading

Research by Janie Botkin on the fellow who is riding in John’s painting of “The Bronc”

The fellow (now deceased) riding this wild bronco is being researched by award winning author Janie Botkin.


The fellow riding, the subject of Janie’s extensive research, is somewhat famous in the Dubois, Wyoming area. See the article below for additional information concerning how the 1930s photo of this wild bronco ride was used to create the painting.

Click on to Janie’s blog for more detailed information concerning her book that presently is being created. The book will be published in the near future: