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This is a work in progress and will take some time. In the meantime you are welcome to email me and ask about the stone flower sculptures or other the works of art I’ve created. I can then email you photos of pieces in which you might have an interest. Thanks for visiting. I will be posting photos and information here as I can. The format of this site may change as I become familiar with what’s available. Here are some of the artistic works I’ve created recently and in the past

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The stone flower sculptures are coated with crystal clear acrylic to protect from stains and to bring out the beautiful color of the natural stone. The stems and leaves are of steel an brass  and the entire compositions are securely held together with high-tech permanent glue and solder.

The stones were collected by the artist from various places and quarries ranging from Western Canada to Eastern Alabama. They are White Colorado Alabaster, Southeast Montana Green Soapstone, Western Canada Serpentine, Eastern Alabama White Marble, Western Canada Butterscotch Onyx, Custer South Dakota Rose Quartz and Snow-white Quartz, Classic Yellow and Pink Marble, and black-green Brucite…among others.

The gemstones were obtained from various places throughout the World. They include Quartz of various types, Emerald, Jade, Citrine, Peridot, Amethyst, Ruby, Amber, Opal, among others.

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Stone Flowers In Texas

Stone Flower Sculptures In Texas

The flowers above are part of a collection of stone flower sculptures created by John Foster. They, among others, are owned by Brad Foster who is selling them and distributing them in Houston, Texas.

Featured for Memorial Day Weekend — Triple Black-Green Serpentine Stone Rose Sculpture

No longer available!

Today I am placing one of my favorites on-line. It is a triple rose stone sculpture with beautiful black/green Serpentine blossoms. Serpentine is a stone that Annie, Rodger, Marylin and I picked out in person in Vancouver, Canada while on a five week trip to see the that country. We also picked out many other stones that would help begin my career as a stone flower sculptor.

The base, again, is a brown River Rock that we pick up from somewhere. It is highlighted with clear Quartz, golden Citrine, and Tigers Eye gemstones, as well as a scattering of rich green Peridot nuggets. As with all of my stone flower sculptures, the stems and leaves are hand formed from brass and steel and the entire sculpture is coated with crystal clear acrylic to protect from stains and to bring out the beautiful natural colors of the stone. Felt pads are on the bottom to protect your furniture, and like all of my sculptures it is signed on the bottom with the date of creation.

This triple blossom stone sculpture also is listed on Just search “Original art, stone Rose flower sculpture…hand carved under water by artist.”

It stands 9-1/4″ High.

Featured for yesterday: “The Studio”


No longer available

Featured for yesterday: “The Studio”

“The Studio” at the Foster residence is not just one room or building. “The Studio” consists of a garage/workshop/patio where some of the rough and fine work is done, especially when creating the larger pieces, including for instance the stone flower sculptures, the bears, and the muli-medium bird compositions.

When the weather is nice my (normally) wonderful wife Annie and I utilize the patio and enjoy God’s creations in the yard, as well as the pond, which soothes the soul with the sound of water bubbling from the fountain and free falling from the upper pond waterfall. The pond is small, but has the healing affects of nature visually and audibly.

“The Studio” also consists of a two story building with lots of glass. It has a cleaner windowed studio above and a medium-clean windowed room below.

The upper room is where the oil painting is done, as well as the drawings. It’s where I created the books I’ve authored. It has a wonderful all-sides-ceramic-glass fireplace and easy access to a small balcony where one can sit and see the World moving below. It’s a serene place where you also can be with the birds and pesky squirrels who occupy the tree branches. They are sometimes welcome or not. The upper room is where people can surround the fire and solve the Worlds problems.

The lower room is known as “The Garden Room.” It includes lots of bench and storage space, as well as a coffee pit and glass barrel stove-fireplace. The unique fireplace is utilized profusely in the winter, when one can sit and watch the flames against the background of gently falling or violently blowing snow.

And then there are the storage shed and “sculpture garden” where the large stones are cut, using 7 inch and 14 inch diamond blades. And there are other places in the yard that can be utilized for creation of anything you can imagine…remembering that creation is the substance of God…too complex of a subject to include here.

The stone flowers shown in the first photo above is a Triple Stone Flower Sculpture. It was created with blossoms of green-black Serpentine from Western Canada, white Alabama Marble, and butterscotch Onyx from Western Canada — and a base of brown Granite River Rock that is highlighted with white Quartz, yellow Quartz, and green Jade gemstones, as well as an ammonite fossil that is millions of years old. The leaves and stems were hand formed from treated Steel and Brass. The entire composition is held together with high-tech permanent glue and solder.
(More to come tomorrow, or whenever the mood hits me.)

Half dozen stone flower sculptures

Half dozen stone flower sculptures

The featured half dozen was carved from Rose Quartz and the base is Snow White Quartz…both selected by the artist from Custer, South Dakota…some of the highest quality quartz in the World.

All offers will be seriously considered!

top 2 frt 5 6001

frt 3 6002

frt 7 6004

Stone flower paperweights

Stone flower paperweights

The following are stone flower paperweights carved under water using diamond tools, the stones collected by the artist from various places ranging from Western Canada to Eastern Alabama. All have been coated with crystal clear acrylic to protect from stains and to bring out the beautiful natural color of the stone.

1  #1……2-3/4″ Smokey Quartz with deposits

2  #2……2-1/2″ White Alabaster

33 side  #3……2-3-4″ Rose Quartz with peg

4  #4……2-3/4″ Rose Quartz

5  #5……3-1/2″ White Alabaster with brown stripe

6  #6……2-3/8″ Classic Pink Marble

7  #7……2-3/4″ Classic Yellow Marble

8  #8……2-1/2″ Classic Yellow Marble

9  #9……2-5/8″ Salmon Marble

10  #10……2-5/8″ Brucite

11  #11……3″ Light Mauve Alabaster

12  #12……3″ Green Alabaster

13  #13……2-5/8″ Mauve Soapstone

14  #14……3-3/4″ Brown Quartzite

15  #15……3-1/8″ Brucite

16  #16……2-3/4″ Black Marble

17  #17……3″ Black Marble

18  #18……3″ Black Marble

19  #19……2-7/8″ Blk Green Serpentine

20  #20……2-5/8″ White Alabaster

21  #21……3″ White Alabaster

22  #22……2-3/4″ Rose Quartz

23  #23……3″ Classic Pink Marble