Here is a great artist who created his own successful gallery

Meet Jim Wilcox…an excellent artist who created his own gallery. He now has two galleries, one on the highway 1 mile north of Jackson, Wyoming and one in town that is managed by his son Eric – who by the way is an excellent bronze sculptor. Please click on the Wilcox Gallery at  .

Try one of these small 8″ x 10″ prints on canvass or acrylic!


8″ x 10″   $40 Print on canvass only

Try one of these small 8″ x 10″ prints on canvass or acrylic for your home or business!  Prints of any of my works of art are available.

My wife and I have ordered several for our home and they look great!

Click on the title of any article on, then look to the right to see many of my creations. Click on the one you like, copy the website ULR address at the top of the page, then email the address to me and how many you would like to order.     Email: 

It will take me about two weeks to receive the prints on canvass or acrylic at my studio, unless I have those you would like on hand.

Thanks for shopping…..and the very best……John


Three new prints on canvass or prints on acrylic of old oil paintings by John Foster

Prints on canvass or prints on acrylic only!


Early American No 7  ….$40 to $90



Early American No 8 ….$40 to $90



Man & Stagecoach  ….$40 to $90


The three new reproductions above are of old oil paintings I created decades ago. The originals are not available. I donated the two original Early American paintings to the Santa Geleske College on the Rose Bud Reservation in South Dakota. I used old historic photos to create all three.

They are offered here as prints on canvass or prints on acrylic. The standard sizes as shown are 8″ x 10″ at $40 and 16″ x 20″ at $80.  Other sizes are available upon request. Prices range as shown from $40 to $100.

They can be yours with as little effort as writing an email  to  .

As always, wishing you the very, very best……..John

“Mixed Emotions” – cedar wood carving print on canvass or on acrylic


Prints on canvass   ……..$27 —  $90

“Mixed Emotions” —  print on canvass or on acrylic

Brown stain on classic cedar wood carving — 8″ x 10″ …….$40,     16″ x 20″ …….$80,  other sizes available upon request  ………up to $100

The print can be yours by contacting John @   .

Trail To The Grand Teton Mountain – prints on canvass


Prints on canvass   ……..$40 to $100

This is one of the most beautiful locations in the world…on the trail to the Grand Teton Mountain…up Cascade Canyon. It is a hike that can wear you out no matter how good of shape you are in. There are breath-taking views in every direction. But beware of bear and moose lying in the shade beside the trail. This is an offering of prints on canvass of one of two oil paintings I entered in one of three art shows from the time I was 7 years old until I was about 55 years old. In this particular show the other painting won first place, but the judge stated that either one could have won first place. He was particularly taken with my method of using all colors throughout the canvass, the contrast, repetition, and perspective, etc.

Your copy will be signed and dated.

Other sizes are available with the gray side bars varying in width.

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A new “Print On Canvass” of “Old Man 2”


Prints non canvass ……….$40 to $100

Offering a new second print on canvass of the “Old Man”…it is of the second oil painting I created using old photos of Einstein. It was a commission for a friend’s son. The look in the eyes and the features in the face give you a different feeling than the first original “Old Man” painting. The technical manipulation of the second original painting especially prepared the creation for prints on canvass. The dark boarder was placed on all sides so that the edges of the canvass would be a black that blends nicely with the dark colors in the painting.

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“Fallen Daisies!” — Half Dozen Stone Flower Sculpture


“Fallen Daisies”   Alabaster, Mauve Soapstone, and Butterscotch Onyx on Gray Granite

with many, many gemstones of various kinds

If you like it, please make an offer!

Daisies, as beautiful as they are, grow old every year. They freeze and eventually fall to the ground. Four of these Daisies — like the Daisies of Nature — fell down, but on the floor of my studio! Yet rather than rotting, I thought, they remain beautiful and will most certainly last an entire lifetime.  The other two Daisy blossoms, as I was completing them, fell prey to my uncontrollable hands. So, in a sense, they fell also. When I began to throw them away I hesitated because they looked so beautiful. So, I laid them on this gray stone and thought they would look more beautiful with clusters of gemstone nuggets in their centers. And I created this artistic piece you see here. It by far is one of my favorites.

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New offering of a print on canvass of the “Old Man” painting

$80 Print on canvass only

Here is a new offering of a print on canvass of the “Old Man.” I painted it in oil on hardboard a few decades ago. I used well-known photos of Einstein for the creation. When I put it (the original) up for sale at a very significant price, it was snapped up immediately. Yet, I can offer it to you as a 24″W x 20″H inkjet print on 100% durable cotton canvas. The canvass is wrapped around a quality wood frame. We have just sold one to an old friend.

Buy it here via email at

This is one of the most popular of all the paintings that I’ve created.

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John Foster Art

  Welcome to!

You might be interested to know I have created art since my early childhood.

Art I believe is an expression of the deep feelings that speak to us silently as we openly allow the creation of our own lives…second by second, minute by minute, etc.

Mother Nature, the greatest offspring sculptor of God, is my most prolific teacher.

This website contains some of the artistic works that I have created recently and in the past.

If you see a creation that you believe you would like to purchase, we can send you additional photos before you decide.

Some artistic creations produced by most anyone are priceless. If you see one of John’s works that you would like to own, please make an offer.

Payments are through .   You pay to at PayPal with your standard credit card or your PayPal account. It is safe and costs you nothing if you chose to open a new PayPal account.    Buying though PayPal is a very secure transaction!

(Note: scroll to the bottom of this page – and back up to see the works of art posted.)


Consider that a Giclée (a print on canvass or acrylic) gives you the fulfillment and excitement of the original … but at a very low price!

Prices for prints on canvass or acrylic of John Foster’s work range from $40 to $150 — for sizes from 8″ x 10″ to 30″ x 45″.

Contact John at   for more information.


All purchases can be returned for a refund if you are not satisfied.

All offers will be seriously considered!

Please add cost for professional shipping…or my wife and I will deliver the more expensive works to many areas in the continental USA only (gas and motels if required). The latter being the safest method for shipping.


If you would rather purchase from an established well known dealer click on : for 1) additional works of art by John, 2) for fine art prints of his work, 3) a John Foster personal Bio, and 4) additional information. The prints at Saatchiart can be on fine art paper, photo paper, or canvass…in a variety of sizes. I am certain they would look fantastic in your home or business…for instance above your sofa. As a point of interest, simulated illustrations of prints above a sofa are offered on The simulations are available with each piece of John Foster’s art offered on Saatchiart.


Print on canvass – “Butterfly” – reproduction of oil painting by John – print size 8″ x 10″ ……$40 ……Other sizes available upon request.


If you like it, please make an offer!

One dozen Snow White Quartz Roses with class A Rose Quartz base…..If you like it, please make an offer!

Prints on canvass or acrylic are $40 to $150. 

Email John at

The stone flower sculptures are coated with crystal clear acrylic to protect from stains and to bring out the beautiful natural color of the stone. The stems and leaves are of steel an brass. The entire compositions are securely held together with high-tech permanent glue and solder.

The stones were collected by the artist from various places and quarries ranging from Western Canada to Eastern Alabama. They are White Colorado Alabaster, Southeast Montana Green Soapstone, Western Canada Serpentine, Eastern Alabama White Marble, Western Canada Butterscotch Onyx, Custer South Dakota Rose Quartz and Snow-white Quartz, Classic Yellow and Pink Marble, and black-green Brucite…among many others.

The gemstones were obtained from various places throughout the World. They include Quartz of various types, Emerald, Jade, Citrine, Peridot, Amethyst, Ruby, Amber, Opal, and others.