Single blossom stone flower sculptures

Single stone flower sculptures

The photos below are of small single stone flower sculptures ranging from $37.50 to $45…plus shipping which normally is from $9 to $12.

blk m - blk gray m with misc b

blk serp - blk m with misc b

butter m - w al with carmelian & misc b

daisy br m - pk m with pk opal

daisy br m with misc - pk m b

gr beige m - gr w al with peridot citrine jade b

gr beige m - w al with y q

gr beige m = butter m with y q & citrine & tigers eye & peridot b

gr brucite - gr ss with jade & peridot b

gr brucite - gr ss with jade b

gr ss - gr ss b

y m - pk m with peridot

wh q - serp b

y m - butter onyx with y q & citrine & peridot b

The following singles include the same stones and gemstones, but are somewhat taller.

front  $50

frt 14 $50

frt $50

frt1005 $50

frt1007 $47

frt1009 $50

frt1012  $50

frt1017 $50

frt1018 $50

front 8 $50