New Creations

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Prints on canvass are available……$40 to $100.

Price reduced   $237


Price reduced   $295


All sculptures below are sold.

Classic Pink Marble  –  3 H x 3.3 W x 3.8 in …….SOLD

  Green Alabaster  –  3.3 H x 3.3 W x 3 in …….SOLD

  Elegant!    Snow White Quartz on Amethyst geode  –  5.8 H x 2.8 W x 3.8 in …….SOLD

  Petitely Beautiful!    Black/green Serpentine on Amethyst geode  –  5 H x 2.3 W x 2.5 in …….SOLD

  Really Beautiful!   Yellow Quartz on Black Schist  –  5.9 H x 4.5 W x 4 in …….SOLD

  Magnetic!   Classic Yellow Marble, Snow White Quartz, and Mauve Marble on golden beige Alabaster  –  7.5 H x 3.3 W x 3.5 in …….SOLD

  One of the best!  White Quartz, Black/green Serpentine, and Mauve Marble with Peridot, Citrine, and Amethyst gemstone centers on transparent Kunzite base that is highlighted with Green Jade, White Quartz, and Orange Quartz gemstone highlights  –  9.3 H x 7.3 W x 6.8 in …….SOLD