John Foster Art Works as “Prints On Canvass”

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Offering a new second print on canvass of the “Old Man”…it is of the second oil painting I created using old photos of Einstein. It was a commission for a friend’s son. The look in the eyes and the features in the face give you a different feeling than the first original “Old Man” painting. The technical manipulation of the second original painting especially prepared the creation for prints on canvass. The dark boarder was placed on all sides so that the edges of the canvass would be a black that blends nicely with the dark colors in the painting.

Providing prints on canvass offers the benefits of an original oil painting to be enjoyed at a lower price.

A reproduction signature and date are on the right side and should show if your canvass is not placed in a frame. If you are interested, I can sign your print copy, date it with the current date and assign the number of the print…all in a gray color that is lighter than the black at the lower right corner.

This reproduction allows you to buy The Old man on a 8″ x 10″ or 16″ x 20″ 100% durable cotton canvas stretched over a quality wood frame. Larger versions are available upon request.

The 8″ x 10″ is $27.

The 16″ x 20″ is $60.

Other sizes are available. Just email John at  .


Will sign and number it after your order!

Lead time would be approximately 2 weeks to arrive here at our studios and additional time and additional cost to ship to you from here.

I hope you purchase a print on canvass and enjoy it to the fullest.    As always, to all: the very, very best….John


All of John’s works of art are offered as prints on canvass.

Several sizes are available. If you can tell us about what size you would like, just send us a note via email: .  (If the original doesn’t quite fit the dimensions you would like, gray or black bars will be placed on either side or on the top and bottom. Photos will be sent to you via email before you decide to buy.)   Shipping will take 2 to 3 week if we don’t have the print on canvass or acrylic on hand.

Examples are below:

 Yellow Marble blossom on Smoky Quartz

 “Snow Flakes On Trail To Tetons” (mountains)

Hello everyone. Here are two prints of my art on canvass. I have ordered them and they landscape have arrived! They look great in my studio! …. (8″ x 10″ is $27.) Other sizes are available.

Stone Flower Sculpture Yellow Rose on Gray Quartz – first buyer pays $20 …..normal price is $27.

Contact John at


In detail, we are offering them to you for the following:

Print on canvass of “Snow Flakes On Trail to Tetons” (mountains) oil painting 20″ x 24″ …. (first buyer = $49.)

Any prints on canvass of any of my art works can be purchased from us directly for approximately the same prices. Just let us know!

Please pass the word!


  “The Rock” on a back woods trail near Jenny Lake in the Teton Mountains…..prints on canvass — $27 to $70


  “The Man Who Smiles” — made from mud in our garden in Denver — by our three children and me…from Denver mud!  Prints on canvass only….He is no longer!



Here is a possible new offering of a print on canvass of the “Old Man.” I painted it in oil on hardboard a few decades ago. I used well-known photos of Einstein for the creation. When I put it (the original) up for sale at a very significant price, it was snapped up immediately. Yet, I still have photos and will offer it to you as a 24″ x 16″ inkjet print on 100% durable cotton canvas. The canvass is wrapped around a quality wood frame. We have just sold one to an old friend. We just placed our first order of the reproduction to our printer, and we are waiting in anticipation to see the quality. If it turns good, it can be yours for the price above. Lead time after your order will be about weeks.

Don’t forget: any other works of art that I have created also are offered here as prints on canvass. In addition, you can purchase any of my works that are posted through . At Saatchi Art you can purchase prints on fine art paper, on photographic paper, and on canvass.

Contact John at

Thanks a million for visiting today…..the best…..John



Trail To The Grand Teton …..16″ x 20″ or larger…………$27 to $70


     Early American No 4

……Prints on canvass vary from $27 to $70 here…or at

This is a small reproduction, print on canvass that measures 8″ W x 10″ H.

Contact John at

Of all the people who have seen my work, this has been one of their favorites.

I painted it in the late 1970s or early 80s. It was to be a collection of paintings I had planned to do of Early Americans. I used a photo of the famous photographer, Evans when creating. Evans was well know for his photos he took of the old west on an extensive trip across America. His subject in this case was a Navajo.


  $20 —  $70

“Mixed Emotions” —  print on canvass or on acrylic

Brown stain on classic cedar wood carving — 8″ x 10″ …….$27,     16″ x 20″ …….$60,  other sizes available upon request  ………up to $70

The print can be yours by contacting John @   .


Welcome to a new campaign to offer you drawings of John Foster’s UFO encounters. His encounters began shortly after his birth in 1937 and  continued periodically and intermittently until August of 1986, when he and the so-called Ets had “a parting of the ways.”

His encounters actually occurred primarily as he has described them in the three books he has authored. He produced over 140 drawings to illustrate the books. This campaign has been launched with these 3 drawings that represent what he saw during the encounters.

Be one of the first to began collecting a representation of one of the most incredible UFO stories in the world!

The drawings are printed on 100% durable cotton canvas that is securely wrapped around a quality wood frame.

Available sizes are: 16″ x 24″  …….$59,  20″ x 30″ …….$64, and 24″ x 36″  ……..$69   + shipping.

The alternate available sizes are 8″ x 10″  ……$27 and 16″ x 20″    ……..$59   + shipping. However, the gray bands on the top and bottom are much thinner.

Click on the websites below and email John at to be among the first to collect this astonishing UFO drawing series.


Additional UFO drawings by John offered as “prints on canvass!”

Here is another style of John’s UFO drawings. They can be ordered as prints on canvass in the sizes listed above. This one is one of 140 slides that are in the slide show that John used to give his talk to the 2001 International UFO Congress Convention in Laughlin. He also used the slide show at other national UFO conferences and gatherings across the country. The slides containing John’s UFO drawings illustrate what he saw on each occasion. They include information related to “what,” “where, and “when.” Yet, the slides to be offered don’t in the least represent in total all of what John and the others with him witnessed.
Other drawing slides will follow!If you see another drawing or other drawings you would like to have as a print or prints on canvass, just let me know:   and books authored and illustrated by John Foster: