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Here is a single green/beige Quartzite Rose blossom bouquet with gemstones of Citrine, Peridot, Tigers Eye, and Yellow Quartz on the base. Leaves and the stem are of brass and steel……….6″ High

This is a give away to attract business!

$35 for the original plus shipping…or pick it up at the studio.

Also…it is now available as prints on canvas or acrylic!

8″ x 10″  ……$27

16 x 20  …….$60

Larger prints are available upon request.

To order, email jafos111@gmail.com




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 Fresh photos for prints on canvass or acrylic – from recent trip to the Teton Mountains

We are back from our Western Wyoming and Black Hills photo marathon

We are in the teton Mountains taking pictures of mnts & smoke

Traveling to shoot photos for painting this winter – Staying at “The Trail’s End Motel”

Snow White Quartz Roses On Rose Quartz – Stone Flower Sculpture

Prints on canvass or acrylic

String Lake At Tetons

Wiggins Fork Creek

Trail To The Teton Mountains – In Snow Flakes

Try one of these small 8″ x 10″ prints on canvass or acrylic!

Rock ‘N’ Rocks

New prints on canvass or or prints on acrylic of old oil paintings by John Foster

“Mixed Emotions” – cedar wood carving print on canvass or on acrylic

Trail To The Grand Teton Mountain – prints on canvass

A new “Print On Canvass” of “Old Man 2”

“Fallen Daisies!” — Half Dozen Stone Flower Sculpture

John Foster Art Works as “Prints On Canvass”

Another UFO print on canvass – “Flying Small UFO discs”

New John Foster UFO drawings now for sale as prints on canvas

Another print on canvass coming in two weeks…Early American

New offering of a print on canvass of the “Old Man” painting

Click on the new Bio of John Foster

Purchasing John Foster Art

New websites are now set up for John Foster Art

Half dozen stone flower sculptures

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Triple (three blossom) stone flower sculptures by John Foster, artist

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Dozen stone flower sculptures

Larger sculpture by John Foster, artist