Another Yellow Rose Of Texas!

5 W x 9.3 H x 5 in         Sold!   Prints on canvass…$40 to $100

Bring the excitement of eternal beauty into your life today with this one-of-a-kind creation of God and man. At first glance it can take your breath away.

The blossom is Classic Yellow Marble from Western Canada. The base is Amethyst from Custer, South Dakota. Both were personally collected by the artist/sculptor. The Tigers Eye, Ruby, Citrine, and Peridot gemstones are from various places around the World. The leaves and stems are hand formed brass and steel.

Rubber feet are provided on the bottom to protect your furniture. It is held together by high-tech permanent glue and should last an entire lifetime.

This is your chance to own a completely unique piece of fine art. There are no other creations like it.

If you are from Texas, it could be your “Yellow Rose Of Texas!”

Just gazing at it gives you the feeling of eternal peace.

A timeless creation in color and form – one dozen stone flower roses


frt 1  SS181202

***Dozen Muli-Colored Rose Stone Sculpture***     Sold!

This wonderful creation from Mother Nature is a member of “The Rock ‘N’ Roses Collection,” a variety of stone flower sculptures that have been created from various types of stones that were collected by the artist John Foster. They were collected from a variety of quarries and places ranging from Western Canada to Eastern Alabama.    Continue reading