A beautiful one-of-a-kind stone flower/colorful-geode sculpture

  SG18002  …….. $99


This is a special little gem geode stone flower sculpture that was created from stones collected in Vancouver, Canada and Custer, South Dakota. It is a member of “The Rock ‘N’ Roses Collection.   

This small single blossom geode stone flower sculpture, at first glance, can take your breath away!

The blossom was carved under water using diamond tools. The leaves and stem were hand formed from steel and brass. They were connected to the translucent Quartz blossom and the dye colored geode base with high tech permanent glue. The center of the blossom is highlighted with crystal clear gemstone Quartz nuggets

You can lift the sculpture simply by placing your fingers under the blossom. The strikingly beautiful geode was stained with deep black and red-purple dye.

The entire composition is a member of the “Rock ‘N’ Roses Collection,” a collection of stone flower paperweights and single, triple, half dozen and dozen stone flower sculptures that were created from a variety of stones that were collected by the artist from various locations ranging from Western Canada to eastern Alabama. The gemstones were collected from other locations in the USA and around the world.

This wonderful one-of-a-kind original work of art would enhance any area in your home or business! … just in time for Christmas!

It literally can be a gift that will last an entire life time.

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