The Latest commission creation by John Foster – a Birthstone Stone Flower Sculpture -print on canvass

…….Available only as prints on canvass…….$40 to $100.

***The latest John Foster artist’s commission creation***offered here as Print on Canvass
****A Birthstone Stone Flower Sculpture representing three generations****

A wonderful family of three generations approached John to create a birthstone stone flower sculpture that might beautifully represent them to celebrate their mother’s, grandmother’s and great grandmother’s 90th birthday.

The stones and birthstones/gemstones were selected and arranged to represent all members of the immediate family as follows:  

The base is transparent Mica in its natural state….

Great grandmother………..Peridot with a green Marble Rose blossom above – at the right end of the base

Mother’s son………dual colored five peddle Turquoise blossom – at the center of the base

Three grandchildren…….three Snow White Quartz Rose blossoms on treated brass and steel stems and leaves with the grandchildren’s birthstones at the bottom of the stems…..Citrine, Ruby, Emerald

Six great grandchildren…….six five peddle gemstone blossoms – close to their parents’ birthstones at the bottom of the stems……..Peridot, Diamond, Aquamarine, Pearl, Sapphire, Amethyst.

All stones and gemstones are real, except very small real Diamonds were scattered over clear Quartz to represent one of the grandchildren.

All members of the stone flower sculpture were coated with crystal clear acrylic to protect from stains and to bring out the beautiful natural color of the stones. And all members are held together with high tech permanent glue that allows the sculpture to be moved by grasping a couple of the white Rose blossoms. Transparent plastic feet are provided on the bottom to protect furniture.

This wonderful Stone Flower Sculpture creation was a great hit with everyone involved.


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