One time only special price offer this week for two prints on canvass…as below

Yellow Marble blossom on Smoky Quartz….. Special $15

“Snow Flakes On Trail To Tetons” (mountains)…..Price reduction Special $39!

Hello everyone. Here are two prints of my art on canvass. I have ordered them and the landscape has arrived! It looks great in my studio! ….the normal price is $70…first buyer pays $39.

Stone Flower Sculpture Yellow Rose on Gray Quartz – first buyer pays $15 …..normal price is $20.

Contact John at


In detail, we are offering them to you for the following:

Print on canvass of Yellow Marble on Gray Quartz Stone Flower Sculpture 8″ x 10″ ….$15

Print on canvass of “Snow Flakes On Trail to Tetons” (mountains) oil painting 20″ x 24″ ….$39.

If you would like to see them in the studio, the landscape is here, the Stone Flower Sculpture will arrive around July 14. Will be glad to see you.

Any other prints on canvass of any of my art works, the same size, can be purchased from us directly for approximately the same prices. Just let us know!

Please pass the word!

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