Featured for Memorial Day Weekend — Triple Black-Green Serpentine Stone Rose Sculpture

No longer available!

Today I am placing one of my favorites on-line. It is a triple rose stone sculpture with beautiful black/green Serpentine blossoms. Serpentine is a stone that Annie, Rodger, Marylin and I picked out in person in Vancouver, Canada while on a five week trip to see the that country. We also picked out many other stones that would help begin my career as a stone flower sculptor.

The base, again, is a brown River Rock that we pick up from somewhere. It is highlighted with clear Quartz, golden Citrine, and Tigers Eye gemstones, as well as a scattering of rich green Peridot nuggets. As with all of my stone flower sculptures, the stems and leaves are hand formed from brass and steel and the entire sculpture is coated with crystal clear acrylic to protect from stains and to bring out the beautiful natural colors of the stone. Felt pads are on the bottom to protect your furniture, and like all of my sculptures it is signed on the bottom with the date of creation.

This triple blossom stone sculpture also is listed on http://www.ebay.com. Just search “Original art, stone Rose flower sculpture…hand carved under water by artist.”

It stands 9-1/4″ High.


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