Single blossom stone flower sculptures

Single stone flower sculptures

The photos immediately below are of small single stone flower sculptures. Larger singles are further down the page.

Singles stand out beautifully on a coffee table, end table, or in your curio cabinet.

Most of these have been sold. However, if you see a piece you like and would like to purchase, email John at He can create a special custom for you. You don’t pay until you approve photos via email….and you always return an item within a week if you find it doesn’t work for you.

All works created by John Foster are offered as prints on acrylic or canvass. Prices range from $40 to $100.

Contact John at

blk m - blk gray m with misc b       SS18102

6-1/4″ H – $39 ……black/gray Granite on gray black Granite with old green broken Sea Glass, white Jade and clear Quartz gemstones, as well as Jasper gemstone nuggets


blk serp - blk m with misc b     Sold      6-1/2″ H – $43 ……black Serpentine on black/gray Granite with a scattering of various kinds of gemstone nuggets  No longer available

butter m - w al with carmelian & misc b  Sold     7″ H –  …….butterscotch Marble on white/gray Alabaster with an orange Quartz gemstone and a scattering of gemstone nuggets

daisy br m - pk m with pk opal sold, not available

daisy br m with misc - pk m b      SS18103

6-1/2″ H – $49 …….brown Marble Daisy on pink Alabaster with a variety of gemstone nuggets in the center of the Daisy


gr beige m - gr w al with peridot citrine jade b      SS18104

5-1/2″ H – $45  …….white/pink Alabaster on white Alabaster that sports yellow deposits with dark green to black Jade, Citrine and Peridot nugget gemstones


gr beige m - w al with y q    Sold     6″ H – $43  ……..Butterscotch Marble on white/gray Alabaster that sports butterscotch deposits with yellow Quartz and Peridot gemstones

gr beige m = butter m with y q & citrine & tigers eye & peridot b  Sold    5-3/4″ H – $43  ……..butterscotch Marble on butterscotch Marble with yellow Quartz, Tigers Eye, clear Quartz and a scattering of Citrine and Peridot nugget gemstones     No longer available

gr brucite - gr ss with jade & peridot b   ……Sold, not available

gr brucite - gr ss with jade b   ……Sold, not available

y m - pk m with peridot    …….Sold, not available

wh q - serp b 8-1/2″ –    ……white Alabaster on black Marble with clear Quartz gemstone nuggets        No longer available

y m - butter onyx with y q & citrine & peridot b 6-1/2″ –     …….yellow Quartz on butterscotch Onyx with yellow Quartz and golden Citrine gemstones   —  No longer available

The following singles include the same stones and gemstones, but are somewhat taller.

10″ H –    …….multi colored Brucite on sparkly yellow Quartzite with light green Jade, golden Citrine,  and clear Quartz gemstones     Sold   …..but prints are available!

  Sold    10-1/2″ H     ……..Rose Quartz on black Granite with a orange Quartz gemstone

   Sold     11″ H    …….black/green Serpentine on white Quartz with yellow Quartz, white/black/green Jade, green Jade, and yellow Quartz gemstones

frt1007 10-1/2″ H     ……brown Marble on white Alabaster with one side caramelized and with medium-green/dark-green Jade, black Jade, light-green Jade, yellow Quartz, and Tigers Eye gemstones                                 Sold   …..but prints are available!

frt1009 11-1/2″ H     …….gray/black Granite on Kumori Anhydrite with large butterfly-shaped Pink Opal, light green Jade, clear Quartz, and black Jade gemstones      Sold   …..but prints are available!

frt1012 10-3/4″    …….beige Marble on brown Limestone with yellow Quartz, orange Quartz and green Jade gemstones, as well as a beautiful Ammonite fossil that is millions of years old. It has a clear Quarts gemstone nugget in it’s center.         Sold   …..but prints are available!

frt1018 9-3/4″ H    …….Sold     This one is classically beautiful and balanced….Classic Pink Marble on white Alabaster with dark green Jade, golden Citrine, and Citrine nugget gemstones

front 8   Sold, not available

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