Paintings, drawings and slideshow by John Foster, artist

Oil Paintings

Several paintings were created during the 1980s.

All offers will be seriously considered!

bronc w frame blk jpg $2,250

birth & death jpg $1,250

brooks lake wyo jpg $1,250

jessie jpg $799

navahoe 2 jpg $4,500

northwest tribal chief not available

old lady & bird 2 jpg $9,500

old man jpg not available

blending $1,950

meadow not available



toes gone south jpg Toes Gone South

See for additional information.

2, Beth Grd Sch plygd, saucer hovering 15 ft above crowd

2, Beth Gr Sch plygd, saucer stops car on Cotner Blvd

6, Dillion Lk c.g, seeing my body from out of body

10, Max, NE, levitating 2000 ft up


A slide show with about 140 slides representing what John Foster and others witnessed during the enconters

The slideshow can be furnished on DVD or USB memory stick.

Example slides: Include statements concerning what, where and when.

slideshow 1 jpg

slideshow 29 jpg

slideshow 40 jpg

slideshow 18 jpg

slideshow 97 jpg


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