Larger sculpture by John Foster, artist

Most stone sculptures by John Foster were created with natural stone selected personally by the artist from various natural locations, quarries and outlets ranging from Western Canada to Eastern Alabama.

Additional photos will be emailed upon request!

All offers will be seriously considered!

Contact John at

  “Good Eats!” multi medium sculpture $4,300.00   + shipping or personal delivery    “Good Eats”     …. more to come later


alabaster bear 1 front jpg

$3,500.00     + shipping or personal delivery     “Mother & Cub”        Pedestal is included.


alabaster bear 2 right.jpg jpg

$2,500.00   “Mother & Cub 2”      Personal delivery only at artist’s cost.  Hand arrangement is required.


rockin et left jpg

$499.00    “Rock ‘N’ Rocks!”   + shipping or personal delivery


front rt 2

3,500.00    “Desolation”      personal delivery only


front right jpg

$6,500.00     “Duality”   + shipping or personal delivery


stone face right jpg

$300.00   “Smiley Face”    + shipping



$1,200.00   + shipping    “Small Lamp Sculpture”

$1,500.00    “Large Table Lamp Sculpture”   + shipping or personal delivery   Lamp shade not included.


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